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Title: At the gate Dimensions: 14.2" x 21.3" Date:10/9/16Title: Colored in Contrast Dimensions: 22.1" x 14.7" Date: 10/22/16Title:SB Burger Joint Dimensions:30"x11.5" Date:8/16/16Title: Intensity Dimensions: 64.6"x43.1" Date:4/30/17Title: Through the Garden Dimensions:15.2"x22.8" Date:9/4/16Title: Hues Dimensions:22.8"x15.2" Date:11/5/16Title: Color Love Dimensions:22.8"x15.2" Date:11/5/16Title: Tears from above Dimensions:50.7"x76" Date:7/6/18Title: Qunice! Dimensions: 93.2"x62.2" Date:8/4/18Title:Lost Dimensions:14.4"x21.6" Date:10/18/15Title:Framed Dimensions:14.4"x21.6" Date:11/20/18IMG_6147-EditMemory Mate 5Paul & Tammy Wedding-43Paul & Tammy Wedding-46Paul & Tammy Wedding-64TheVowTitle: Take 5!  Dimensions 21.6" x 14.4" Date: 12/22/15